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VRC’s High Pressure Cold Spray technology makes a lot of repair projects simpler and quicker, including aiding the Air Force in repairing aircraft parts. It even makes it possible to repair parts that are unrepairable by other means. Its efficiency has brought a lot of value to the industry since its discovery, and we just made an innovation of our own.

VRC Metal Systems’ new cold spray nozzle is great for large-scale projects and even gets them done in half the time.

So, what can this nozzle do for you? What else sets it apart from the rest? Read on to find out.

What Makes This Cold Spray Nozzle Different?

VRC has come out with a new nozzle for spray our metal powders with our High Pressure Cold Spray systems.

This nozzle differs from our other designs because it can deposit a much greater amount of metal powder than our previous designs, making it an excellent choice wherever you have a lot of material to deposit. 

Benefits of Cold Spraying

High Pressure Cold Spray comes with a host of benefits that make the entire process easier to carry out. Here are a few things to consider:

  • No limit on deposition thickness
  • High deposition rate
  • High consolidation (apparent porosities of less than 1 percent are readily achievable)
  • High conductivity
  • No chemical solvents
  • No melting in the process, meaning no molten metal fumes
  • No oxide formation, combustion product entrapment, or alloy decomposition

When it comes to particle deposition efficiency, cold spray is capable of over 90 percent for well-developed applications. Our new nozzle maintains that efficiency, maintaining the low resource usage of our process. 

How to Ensure You Accomplish Good Coating

A gas gauge on machinery.

To ensure you accomplish a good coating and retain part quality, you should consider a few factors.

  • Substrate material
  • Minimum distance from the nozzle to substrate
  • Type of gas being used
  • Design and orientation of the nozzle
  • The temperature during the process
  • Powder feedstock quality

You’ll also have to consider the gas pressure, which helps maintain particle velocity. Typically, this process is used for repairs, coating, and even manufacturing components like plane parts or marine applications.

VRC Metal Systems’ newest powder nozzle is best for larger-scale projects and jobs, but it can be customized to fit the needs of any project you or your company takes on.

What Sets us Apart?

Not only are our parts the best quality, but we also provide services that are unmatched by the competition. We offer on-site support with each of our services. What’s more, is you’ll have the option to have your product configured or calibrated by any of our trained technicians.

If you’re starting out with cold spray systems, then our on-site support services can help you learn the ropes. We arrange for a system and operators to be on-site for a certain amount of time, and those operators help you learn about the system and how to get started with it.

You even have the option to have VRC on-site for an entire year of support, with opportunities to extend after that. Not only do you learn about what cold spray can do for your business, but your employees learn the ropes and about what a system like ours entails.

If you want to try out any of our cold spray systems without committing fully, then signing an equipment lease might be what’s best for you.

How We Help From Start to Finish

What if you don’t want to purchase a cold spray system for yourself, but you need an application done with our new cold spray nozzle? No problem! We provide High Pressure Cold Spray on a fee-for-service basis, and we also provide cold spray development services. 

 Here’s a look into the overall process.

We’ll start by reviewing the application and discussing your long-term needs with you. From there, we’ll work with you and your organization to find the proper plan of action. Whether you need basic development or ongoing service, we’ll be able to help you find something to fit all your needs.

Once we have an idea of your needs and have committed to a path forward, we’ll start developing your application. We’ll consider a lot of factors before progressing, like accessibility, wear, corrosion, and even loading levels. We get an idea of the materials your application will need to gather design data (if that’s not available, we use reverse engineering).

From there, we’ll work to select a material for your application. If we can’t find the necessary data, we have to find some information to see if reasonable properties are achievable with the material.

Once that has been completed, we create and evaluate mock-ups to test the material. If all goes well, then we write up a process specification for your application.

If you have larger applications that need to be completed, then our new cold spray nozzle is the perfect thing for you.

Check Out Our New Cold Spray Nozzle Today

Now that you’ve learned all about the benefits of our new cold spray nozzle, it’s time to take on all of your large-scale projects with ease.

VRC has developed cold spray technology systems for a variety of industrial applications, including large-scale marine applications. Our new cold spray nozzle is perfect for any project you take on.

If you’re interested in it or any of our other products, you can have a look here.

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