Heavy Equipment Industry Overview

At VRC Metal Systems, our vision is “To be a global leader in cold spray and advanced manufacturing process technologies.”

Cold spray technology saves money for those in the heavy equipment industry.

Trains, ships, heavy construction equipment, and energy are only a few examples of the products produced in the Heavy Equipment Industry Sector. These products are at the top of the global supply chain and pivotal to its flow and health. 

Disruption to these manufacturing facilities will cause ripple effects felt worldwide. Quality infrastructure, preventive maintenance, and minimized downtime are crucial to keeping potential interruptions in check.

Challenges with the Heavy Equipment Industry Sector

When heavy machinery and structures wear out or fail in the Heavy Equipment Industry sector, their high capital cost prevents simple replacement. An alternative solution is typically repairing the item in need. However, the vast size and immobility of equipment in this industry also precludes movement to a designated repair facility.

In addition, the surroundings associated with this type of industry are often harsh. Weather, biological conditions, and chemicals utilized often create environments ripe for corrosion leading to early component failure and breakdown. 

VRC Cold Spray Heavy Equipment Industry Applications 

Starting with a solid infrastructure is the first step to keeping operations running smoothly. VRC Metal Systems provides solutions in the form of cost-effective, time-saving high-pressure cold spray (HPCS) equipment and technology.

Our mobile cold spray technology provides for applications of corrosion-resistant coatings to fend off the effects of harsh environments. Cold spray is an efficient technology requiring no heating of parts, and no chemicals, resulting in a “green” process.

Additional benefits of HPCS for the heavy equipment industry include:

  • Integrated installation and on-site support ensure we meet your long-term repair needs with a solution engineered for your requirements.
  • Very low heat process means no heat-affected zone, making it perfect for cast iron repairs or other, more sensitive applications.
  • Unlimited deposit thickness can be applied to restore dimensional features that are no longer within tolerances.
  • Metals such as zinc and aluminum can be applied as highly corrosion-resistant coatings to slow or prevent future damage, elongating the time between maintenance cycles.
  • The portability of this process is beneficial for restoring surfaces to original dimensions while adding uniform coatings for corrosion or wear resistance.
  • HPCS coatings have compressive residual stresses, hindering crack formation and growth, helping extend the component’s life. This ultimately helps keep existing infrastructure and equipment in safe working condition.

VRC® Raptor™ Cold Spray System

The VRC® Raptor™ Cold Spray System is the perfect solution for one of the major challenges in the Heavy Equipment Industry Sector—the size and immobility of the equipment. When the component is too big to come in for repair, this singularly contained, portable unit can go to the component. 

Because of the hand-held capable or robotic applicators, this unit is perfect for:

  • making dimensional repairs to standing infrastructure,
  • adding coatings to prevent future wear and corrosion, and
  • adding dimensional features to existing equipment.
VRC®Raptor™ Unit

Contact VRC Metal Systems today to find out how cold spray technologies can support your heavy equipment industry infrastructure. 

If you’re ready to solve some of the repair and maintenance challenges in the Heavy Equipment Industry Sector, contact us today. Request a quote, and one of our Sales Engineers will contact you.

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