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Here at VRC we offer a wide variety of durable products and equipment to speed up or even completely automate your manufacturing processes.

Dragonfly with Heater and PF

VRC® Dragonfly™

The VRC® Dragonfly is a multi-component high-pressure spray coating system. Capable of producing metallurgical bonds 2-10 times stronger than with regular low-pressure cold spray. Specializing in maritime and energy sector repairs.

VRC® Raptor™

Can’t bring the component in for repair? Bring the repair to the component with the VRC® Raptor our most adaptable system to market.


The VRC Cold Spray Systems are an integrated solution for cold spray development up to full-scale part production. 

The Gen III™ is a fully rounded unit, used for robotic & handheld applications.


VRC’s Gen IV™ High-Pressure Cold Spray System comes with our new 23kW applicator heater and dual powder feeders. The Gen IV has a functionally designed closed loop water chiller and water jacket for nozzle cooling.

C.A.M.P Site System

The Cold Spray Advanced Manufacturing Portable Site, aka C.A.M.P. Site, is VRC’s self-supporting portable cold spray system. The unit only requires a water line to be used with the wet dust collector, all other features are self-contained within the unit. 

Vark™ Portable Dust Collector

Designed for Cold Spray, the VRC Portable Dust Collector™ modular design aids easy clean ups paired with real-time preventative maintenance triggers.

Automated Additive And Subtractive Systems

VRC Metal Systems provides custom automation solutions for cold spray and hybrid or additive/subtractive manufacturing. Learn how we can help you today.

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We provide on-site support for all our services as standard


Products can be configured by one of our experienced technicians.


We offer a variety of equipment lease options for you and your company.


Our trained engineers across the nation offer short & long term solutions for your aircrafts


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