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Cold Spray Solutions for Military Vehicles

Tanks, armored personnel carriers, and light utility vehicles are just a few of the many types of military vehicles currently in service around the world. They often work in the harshest conditions—from deserts to oceans, from blazing sun to typhoons to arctic conditions. Yet, they also always need to be at the ready. The safety of everyone is at stake if vehicles are out of commission. 

Minimizing downtime while maintaining existing costs will be a top priority for all military units for years to come.

Military Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Challenges

Whether maintained at a depot or while deployed, the goal is to have these vehicles operationally available as much as possible. However, with their severe work environments come some extreme repair challenges, including corrosion and excessive wear and tear due to environmental conditions. Although replacement parts may be an option, they are not always available, resulting in lowered operational availability and increased wait times.

Reduced operational availability ultimately results in wasting equipment and personnel resources.

VRC Solutions for Military Vehicles Using Cold Spray

Components with wear and tear or corrosion beyond acceptable tolerances usually dictate replacing parts. In extreme cases, it can decommission the entire vehicle, a very expensive consequence. Cold spray offers a cost-efficient way to repair these parts, bringing them back to within dimensional tolerances and maintaining or even strengthening the integrity of the base material.

VRC Metal Systems’ High-Pressure Cold Spray (HPCS) is a supersonic particle deposition technology that applies metals, metal alloys, and metal blends to metallurgically bond with the base substrate. In addition to dimensional restoration, HPCS can also apply corrosion- and wear-resistant coatings, as well as electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding. 

The cost and time savings generated by using HPCS result from:

  • Modular equipment design allowing for quick transport between repair sites as needed.
  • The cold spray process requiring no heating of parts and no chemicals, generating a “green,” fume-free process.
  • The number of repair cycles that you can complete with HPCS is limitless, as cold spray deposits, once worn or damaged, can be repaired again with HPCS.
  • Cold spray creating an irregular molecular structure which makes the base metal more difficult to crack or chip, extending the service hours of any component.
  • Applied composite blending act as corrosion inhibitors, preventing deterioration of the base material and providing excellent thermal and electrical conductivity.

VRC Metal Systems is trusted by government organizations and reputable institutions worldwide. With VRC’s High-Pressure Cold Spray systems, you receive expert on-site implementation and maintenance support from highly-trained staff. 

If you’re interested in a cost-effective, portable repair solution for your military vehicle repairs request a quote, and one of our Sales Engineers will contact you.

Contact VRC Metal Systems today to find out how cold spray technologies can support your military vehicle repair needs. 

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