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Do you want to hit the ground running with a cold spray solution from VRC? If so, we have a great option for you. VRC Metal Systems provides cold spray systems on a lease basis, which may be a more feasible approach for quick implementation. Contact us today to learn more about our equipment lease program.

You have the chance to make the most of cold spray technology without bearing the initial financial outlay for the necessary equipment. By eliminating the burden of up-front costs, VRC can get cold spray to work for you fast.

One of the advantages of cold spray technology is the ease and flexibility of its use. The option to lease equipment at your site provides a simple, cost-effective solution beneficial to all parties. We provide several lease periods and offer the option to purchase the machinery at the end of your leasing term. 

In addition to an equipment lease, we also offer extended warranties and maintenance contracts to take care of any necessary repairs, annual maintenance, and calibration

Finally, we offer options for on-site training and support, from basic familiarization to comprehensive technician training.

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We provide on-site support for all our services as standard


Products can be configured by one of our experienced technicians.


We offer a variety of equipment lease options for you and your company.


Our trained engineers across the nation offer short & long term solutions for your aircrafts


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