Cold Spray Technology can be used for the aerospace industry

Cold Spray Process Development

Do you have a unique application you think would be ideal for cold spray but aren’t ready to commit the resources to bring it in-house?

Let VRC Metal Systems develop your next cold spray application for you. We have some of the most experienced cold spray engineers and operators in the country, as well as a large number of cold spray research and development partners to assist us with making sure your application will be a success.

Many Options Available

After we’ve had a chance to review your application and discuss your long-term needs with you, we will help you find the right path forward for your organization. From basic development to a licensing process, or even an ongoing service, we’ll help you find an appropriate Cold Spray Solution.

How It Works

Developing an excellent cold spray repair is not a trivial task and can be an expensive and frustrating experience for new entrants into the cold spray world. We consider a broad range of factors, including loading levels, wear and corrosion, and accessibility. First, we examine basic feasibility, including likely materials and access issues (i.e., location sprayable?). Design data is also needed at this point to establish the properties required for the cold spray deposition. If design data is not available, we must reverse-engineer the part. Next, we select an appropriate material. If no data exists for proper material, then some initial feasibility is needed to see if reasonable properties are achievable. Finally, mock-ups or a first article are prepared and evaluated. If all tests pass, we will write a cold spray process specification for the application.

Note that cold spray allows you not only use matching materials for repairs (such as Al2024 onto Al2024). It also lets you use better materials for repair, such as a blend of stainless steel and ceramic particles on cast iron or carbon steel. The repaired area is more corrosion and wear resistant than the base material. This provides you with additional options and opportunities.

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