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Cold Spray Technology

VRC Metal Systems utilizes cold spray technology to provide protective coatings for various industrial and manufacturing applications. By providing a portable cold spray system, we have revolutionized how we complete the process, allowing for fast, cost-effective restoration and repairs to equipment that otherwise would need replacement.

Cold spray technology is an innovation set to transform industries across the globe. This cutting-edge process makes it possible to restore metal components that previously would require replacement. The process involves depositing particles onto surfaces with spray technology. It can apply metals, metal alloys, and metal blends and create high-quality repairs that last for years. Increase your ROI using cold spray technology.​

What Is Cold Spray?

Cold spray, also referred to as supersonic particle deposition, is a high-energy solid-state coating and powder consolidation process. Cold spray uses an electrically heated high-pressure carrier gas, like nitrogen or helium, to accelerate metal powders through a supersonic de Laval nozzle above a critical velocity for particle adhesion. The bonding mechanism combines mechanical interlocking and metallurgical bonding from re-crystallization at highly strained particle interfaces.

There are many benefits to using VRC Metal Systems cold spray products, including:

  • No heat-affected zone
  • No oxidation, alloy decomposition, or combustion product entrapment
  • High-strength coating
  • No limit on deposition thickness
  • No toxic fumes
  • Precise gas temperature control
  • Minimal masking requirement due to focused particle spray path
  • Hand operable
  • Repeated repairs possible if needed!

Also note that cold spray allows you not only use matching materials for repairs (such as Al2024 onto Al2024). It also lets you use better materials for repair, such as a blend of stainless steel and ceramic particles on cast iron or carbon steel. The repaired area is more corrosion and wear resistant than the base material. This provides you with additional options and opportunities.

How Can Cold Spray Technology Be Used?

Operators can use cold spray to deposit metals on sensitive or difficult-to-weld surfaces for never before possible combinations of unique materials. You can also use cold spray to repair damaged areas of a finished part without causing additional problems like warping, cracking, or softening. Furthermore, properties approaching, or in some cases exceeding, the base material properties can now be achieved. As a result, cold spray assists more than just cosmetic surface restoration, but loaded areas can be repaired, including rebuilding entire features on a part. Cold spray can itself be repaired with cold spray, so a part that experiences heavy wear or corrosion can be repeatedly repaired. There is no known limit to the number of cold spray repair cycles.

Many industries can benefit from cold spray applications:

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