Introducing the Dragonfly™ Cold Spray System

When metal repairs must be performed swiftly in environments where large machinery may not be feasible, a reliable and portable solution is essential. VRC Metal Systems introduces the Dragonfly™ Cold Spray System—a cold spray solution meticulously designed for in-field repairs. This system eliminates the necessity of removing metal components that require off-site repairs, resulting in time savings and enhanced cost-effectiveness. The Dragonfly™ comprises four main modular components, with the heaviest module weighing just 94 lbs.

VRC Metal Systems Dragonfly™ Cold Spray System

Dragonfly™ Modules

The Electrical Assembly

The electrical assembly resides within a standard mil-spec Pelican case, purposefully designed to absorb shocks and vibrations encountered in field environments. This assembly includes connections for each module, as well as additional ports for external dust collection and thermal couplings.

The Gas Train

Employing the same casing as the electrical assembly, this module is also designed to withstand shocks. It features connections for gas input and outputs to the heater and powder modules. This VRC single-gas system is capable of handling nitrogen, helium, or compressed air, enhancing its versatility as a cold spray system.

The Powder Feeder

The Dragonfly™ includes VRC’s reliable PF2 Powder Feeder, which can hold up to 1 liter of powder. This feeder is a staple in many of VRC’s cold spray systems and offers exceptional flexibility, allowing ample space for maneuvering the spray nozzle.

The Heating Unit

The Dragonfly™ features  VRC’s 21kW heater, which is capable of reaching temperatures up to 800 °C.

Adaptability with VRC Portable Wet-type Dust Collector

The Dragonfly™ seamlessly integrates with VRC’s Vark™ Portable Dust Collector. This dust collector efficiently circulates air at a rate of 1000 CFM and is compliant with NFPA44 code for collecting metal dust. Its HEPA after-filter ensures effective recirculation, making it suitable for use within enclosed building spaces. The compact 24 x 24-inch design compliments the Dragonfly™ cold spray system.

Integrates with the VRC Portable Spray Enclosure

The VRC Portable Spray enclosure is a 3-foot-wide glove box equipped with a down-draft table that seamlessly integrates with the VARK™ dust collector and the Dragonfly™ cold spray system. Optimized for a 1000 CFM flow rate, it effectively contains any metal dust generated during the cold spray process.

Ultimate Control & Flexibility

The Dragonfly™ Cold Spray system prioritizes simplicity and maneuverability for conducting repairs. The entire system is controlled by a VRC Pendant Controller, allowing users to initiate a cold spray process with just a few buttons clicks. Internal data logging, available via both USB and non-USB transfer options, enables users to record their cold spray processes anywhere and back up data for future analysis. The pendant can store up to 100 Cold Spray Recipes, providing flexibility for common use cases. These recipes can be user-defined or loaded from VRC Metal Systems’ pre-approved collection.

The Dragonfly™ serves as a functionally equivalent system to VRC’s stationary systems—the Raptor™ and the Gen IV®—empowering cold spray technicians with enhanced mobility to implement lab-developed recipes and processes in field and portable environments.

What is the Dragonfly™ best used for?

The Dragonfly™ modular cold spray system is ideal for point-of-need repairs and field applications across various industries, including maritime repairs, aeronautical maintenance, repair and overhaul, and the energy sector. Its capability to perform metallurgical repairs in the field opens up endless possibilities!

Work With VRC Metal Systems

If you or your business is interested in the Dragonfly™ Cold Spray System or any other products or services from VRC Metal Systems, feel free to contact us today. Our team is prepared to assist you in learning, adapting, and leveraging cold spray technology to enhance your maintenance and repair process!

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