Hiring Veterans: Transferable Skills For Manufacturing Excellence

Cold spray applications and hiring veterans go hand-in-hand. Let us explain how! Earlier we wrote about one of our co-founders being a retired Air Force B1 pilot, and we are also proud of our extensive history of veteran employment. We genuinely believe that hiring veterans is an investment that every company owner should make for their organizational success.

At VRC Metal Systems we know what veterans bring to their employers. Unfortunately, owners and managers at other companies may not understand the ins and outs of hiring veterans. For this reason today’s blog post will focus on the benefits of hiring veterans.

Our cold spray applications are second-to-none for innovative and enduring solutions. When you’re ready to enlist a company that has your back and your best interests in mind, contact us.

Why Is Hiring Veterans Good For Manufacturers?

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Veterans develop an arsenal of skills and knowledge that make them ideal candidates for industrial and manufacturing businesses. They are generally known for their dedication, skill, and focus. These are three great attributes for our cold spray applications and also make veterans desirable for other industrial and manufacturing companies.

Just what makes hiring veterans so attractive?

Veterans come out of the military with desirable technical skills.

The military trains many of its servicemen and women as electro-mechanical technicians, machinists, welders, maintenance personnel, and machine repair technicians. Military trained personnel work on a wide variety of mission-critical machines, keeping aircraft, ships, vehicles, elaborate weaponry in top working order.

This type of military training can translate over into a sound knowledge base for manufacturing and industrial kinds of jobs.

One caveat to this is that sometimes the communication the civilian world uses to describe jobs doesn’t always match the military’s jargon. To help these worlds communicate with each other Military.com, Veterans Affairs, and other sites offer a Military Skills Translator.

Many veterans have undergone some leadership development.

The military places a significant emphasis on leadership development and many veterans already have experience with leading groups and supervising others’ work. Add to that, the flexibility of going from leader back to taking orders if the situation changes.

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Veterans are used to fast-paced and challenging working conditions.

Serving in the military is an awe-inspiring challenge. Veterans value job aspects like successful completion, excellence, and effectiveness over personal gain or status because of their military service.

As such, military veterans become team players and adept at problem-solving. Collaboration is second nature to veterans. They have mastered the art of learning on the job. New information, new protocols, and new technology are nothing new to veterans accustomed to an ever-changing workplace.

Veterans understand and value safety.

Veterans understand the value of safety, processes, procedures, and quality standards. A safe workplace is a healthy workplace for any veteran in your organization.

Veterans believe in teamwork.

Hiring veterans often leads to an unsurpassed teamwork ethic. Veterans understand that success and efficiency result from many individuals contributing their unique talents to the situation. Plus, veterans excel at filling work gaps wherever they exist.

They may provide a unifying element into a divided workplace if that is a problem for your organization. This mindset makes veterans ideal team players when they transition into civilian jobs from the military.

Veterans strive to succeed.

While the stakes may be much lower in manufacturing environments than in military settings, military veterans strive to succeed. In manufacturing environments, details make the difference between a job well done and a job not done. Veterans pay attention to the details to make sure it’s “well done.”

Hiring veterans means hiring skilled employees who received training to work problems rigorously until they are solved. It doesn’t matter how slow or frustrating the progress is, nor does it matter how many iterations it takes. Veterans work with their team until the problem is solved.

Veterans tirelessly apply themselves to any situation and commit to finding the solution. They are not content to “put the problem away for another day.” Military veterans receive training to be analytical and to examine previous projects.

What worked? What didn’t? How can we pivot into a better outcome for the next time? Your organization can be better with a veteran on your team. But be aware, the competition to recruit vets is fierce.

How To Recruit Veterans 

Manufacturers should be thinking about a comprehensive hiring strategy. This includes contact before military personnel separate from the service and some level of support after being hired. To build a strong workforce, you need these motivated men and women to enlist with your organization to gain your competitive advantage.

However, it is essential to note that military veterans who transition into the civilian workforce can face challenges in their transition. Leaving the military is also leaving a part of themselves behind. Creating a new, civilian identity as an employee may take some understanding, some time, and some support from their new employer.

As an employer, we like to look for educated and trained professionals when we write up job descriptions. We value military training and experience as an alternative to school-based learning. We ensure our job descriptions consider the skills that military professionals would have already developed and could translate into cold spray applications.

When Dedication And Attention To Detail Matter

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When dedication and attention to detail matter in your organization, you’ll appreciate that you took the time to recruit and hire veterans onto your team. At VRC Metal Systems, hiring veterans help us achieve our clients’ goals quickly and efficiently.

Our cold spray applications are second-to-none for innovative and enduring solutions. When you’re ready to enlist a company that has your back and your best interests in mind, contact us.

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