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Commercial Aerospace Cold Spray Solutions

In the commercial aerospace market, the lifespan of an aircraft is not determined by chronological age but rather by how many pressure cycles it has undergone. The FAA requires all aircraft to have a limit of validity (LOV) defined in flight cycles, flight hours, or both.

Every pressurization and depressurization cycle stresses the aircraft structure and its components. However, other factors such as corrosion, maintenance schedules, and maintenance costs may lead owners to permanently take an aircraft out of service long before its LOV.

Commercial Aerospace Challenges

The environment in which aircraft are used and stored has a significant impact on lifespan. Planes exposed to the elements during storage experience paint fading and chipping, exposing the metal to corrosion. Aircraft flying in and around coastlines are subject to higher humidity and exposure to salty air, which accelerates corrosion. 

A paint chip or other minor damage can lead to accelerated corrosion or wear that causes increased repair complexity and cost. Once the cost of those repairs exceeds the value of keeping the craft in flight, the LOV becomes irrelevant, and the life of the craft is cut short.

VRC Cold Spray Solutions for your Commercial Aerospace Fleet

To catch those repairs before they become cost-prohibitive, strict adherence to proper maintenance schedules is of the utmost importance to extending the life of your commercial aerospace fleet. In addition, you can reduce the cost of those repairs with cold spray technology.

VRC Metal Systems’ Cold Spray equipment and technology provide portable solutions for correcting wear and tear, repairing corrosion, adding corrosion-resistant coatings, and maintaining or increasing the strength of the underlying substrate. Some of the advantages to utilizing cold spray technology as part of your MRO process include:

  • The portability of VRC Metal Systems’ High-Pressure Cold Spray equipment decreases the time to refurbish the component compared to traditional in-facility repairs.
  • Minimal masking and surface prep also speed the repair process, decreasing costs.
  • Application of various metal blends onto similar or dissimilar substrates can restore OEM dimensions and potentially strengthen the underlying substrate due to the molecular bonding of materials.
  • Extend the time between repairs by applying composite blends to increase component resistance to wear and tear.
  • The high-speed deposition process does not allow for particle oxidation or phase transformation, eliminating the possibility of trapping oxygen between the base material and coating, preventing corrosion between the layers.

VRC Metal Systems is trusted by government organizations and reputable institutions worldwide. With VRC’s High-Pressure Cold Spray systems, you receive expert on-site implementation and maintenance support from highly-trained staff. 

If you’re interested in a cost-effective repair & maintenance solution for your commercial aerospace needs request a quote, and one of our Sales Engineers will contact you.

Contact VRC Metal Systems today to find out how cold spray technologies can support your commercial aerospace needs. 

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