Surveyor inspecting ship in floating dock

Metal Repair and other Shipyard Activities

The shipbuilding industry’s goal is to keep people and products moving safely across our lakes and seas. Read on to learn more about the different activities involved in building, repairing, and modernizing today’s ocean-going vessels.

High vantage point image of man standing on the bow of a lage ocean going vessel against a background of rough seas

Cold Spray Applications to Prevent Corrosion in Seawater

Marine corrosion is a significant issue that can cost a business a considerable amount. In most cases, repair is the more cost-effective solution for maintaining and protecting metal parts in a marine environment. Read on to discover everything you need to know about cold spray applications to prevent seawater corrosion.

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Why You Should Hire Veterans

Hiring veterans is an investment every company owner should make in their organizational success. Find out why, at VRC Metal Systems, we understand the unique superpowers that veterans bring to our company intimately, but many other owners and managers may not.

Industry worker in dirt covered orange overalls and hard hat working on large machinery

Who Uses Cold Spray Technology for Repairs?

Cold spray is an increasingly popular technique within a wide range of industries for metal repairs. Learn more about how VRC Metal Systems, skilled in the application of cold spray technology, can help your businesses reduce its down time.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Cold Spray Terminology

The cold spray process is a supersonic particle deposition where the powder is accelerated to a critical velocity by an inert gas. Read on to become familiar with some of the basic terminology.