Repairing Molds With VRC Cold Spray

Molds for metals, ceramics, glass, and plastics create the objects that surround us. What happens when a mold is damaged? How can you repair industrial molds?

Repairing Cast Iron With VRC Cold Spray

Cast iron isn’t just for cooking. Cast iron is used in many heavy industrial and manufacturing applications as well! With its mobility and ease-of-use, VRC Cold Spray repair system is ideal for repairing cast iron pieces, no matter how big or small.

Oil Pipeline Green Field

Pipeline Repair – Liquid handling systems & cold spray repairs

Repairing corroded or damaged pipelines is an essential part of any business using pipeline technology. The cost of repairing pipeline corrosion and damage is between $5 and $8 billion in North America annually. Over half of that annual cost is in pipeline maintenance. Replacement is a costly option because many pipelines run underneath cities. They cannot easily be dug up and replaced. 

What Is Engine Remanufacturing?

Remanufacturing an engine is a comprehensive and rigorous industrial process. Remanufacturing takes a non-functional product or component and returns it to a “like-new” or “better-than-new” condition. This industrial process improves performance level and quality. Remanufacturing is not synonymous with “recycling” or “repairing,” or even “rebuilding,” it is more thorough than any of those.

Cold Spray Less Cumbersome For Large Equipment Repairs

Large, heavy-duty equipment is a significant investment for many companies. When a large machine is out-of-order it is not generating revenue so repairs need to happen quickly without delays or further injury to the equipment. Repairs should consider a few things, including the materials required, the parts needing work, and the reliability of the repair. 

Hot Jobs In Cold Spray Technology

Since moving to Box Elder, South Dakota, VRC Metal Systems has tripled our facility size and added over twenty new jobs. That’s significant growth for a small business – and we’re not stopping there! We plan on getting to 100 employees soon.