The Dangers of Surface Coating Repair

Surface coating repair is a dangerous industry. Depending on the materials you are working with and your level of expertise, surface coating jobs pose extreme hazards. The dangers you face on the job may even become life-threatening.  With so many surface coating options available, numerous hazards are present. You need to keep yourself and your… Continue reading The Dangers of Surface Coating Repair

From Product Concept To Prototype To Production

Almost everything we touch and use in our day-to-day lives was once just someone’s idea. It took people with confidence, perseverance, and a plan to take these products from a dream to reality. Whether your goal is to keep your company relevant in the marketplace, make a significant profit, or create something to stir up… Continue reading From Product Concept To Prototype To Production

Challenges Faced In Shipyard Repairs

Whether they’re building, performing repairs, or upgrading ships to state-of-the-art technologies, shipyard repairs never end.

Intro To Additive Manufacturing & Cold Spray

Additive manufacturing is like a pancake stack, but on a much more technical scale. Additive manufacturing deposits layers…

7 Ways Cold Spray Is Reshaping Repair Strategies In Manufacturing

Equipment breakdowns in your organization can lead to costly repair or replacement along with extended downtime that eats into your revenue. Cold spray coatings are reshaping repairs to reduce or eliminate downtime and provide several other benefits to companies. VRC’s Cold Spray System delivers customized cold spray coating process solutions to keep your equipment running… Continue reading 7 Ways Cold Spray Is Reshaping Repair Strategies In Manufacturing

What Is Metal Deposition?

Metal deposition describes any additive manufacturing where metal is layered onto another material (metals, ceramics, etc.). How the metal is deposited varies.

Using Cold Spray In Coating Welds

We use welded products in essentially all parts of our daily life. Think about how many welded surfaces your fingers touch before you even arrive at work. Have you ever thought about defects in those pieces? What about what could be coating those welds? Customers have certain expectations for their manufactured pieces. One of the… Continue reading Using Cold Spray In Coating Welds

Repairing Molds With VRC Cold Spray

Molds for casting and plastic products

Molds for metals, ceramics, glass, and plastics create the objects that surround us. What happens when a mold is damaged? How can you repair industrial molds?

Repairing Cast Iron With VRC Cold Spray

Cast iron isn’t just for cooking. Cast iron is used in many heavy industrial and manufacturing applications as well! With its mobility and ease-of-use, VRC Cold Spray repair system is ideal for repairing cast iron pieces, no matter how big or small.

Pipeline Repair – Liquid handling systems & cold spray repairs

Repairing corroded or damaged pipelines is an essential part of any business using pipeline technology. The cost of repairing pipeline corrosion and damage is between $5 and $8 billion in North America annually. Over half of that annual cost is in pipeline maintenance. Replacement is a costly option because many pipelines run underneath cities. They cannot easily be dug up and replaced.