Gen III and Gen III Max Hybrid Portable High Pressure Cold Spray System

The only hand-held capable high pressure cold spray system on the market today (patent-pending).

The Gen III system uses one 15kW heater mounted within a single mobile unit. There is also a VRC Gen III Max 45 kW option, which enables even higher gas flow rates and faster deposition rates.

Find out how cold spray could help your business today!


  • Footprint: 72 x 32 x 66 inches
  • Total Weight: 1285 lb
  • Maximum temperature: 750 °C measured at the gun
  • Maximum Heater power
    • Gen III: 15 kW
    • Gen III Max: 45 kW
  • Parameter readout screen
  • Touch screen controls for process control
  • System ability to log parameters and operating data, and download to offline storage
  • 10ft stainless steel interlock hose, thermally insulated
  • Safety Light Stack for visual indication of Spray System Status
  • Anodized aluminum skid
  • Powder coated cabinet
  • Modular components
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for operators in spray booth
    • Safety Glasses
    • Hearing Protection
    • Dust Masks: NIOSH Approved: N95 Min

Powder Feed

  • Min Powder feed rate:1.3 cm3/min(2 RPM)
  • Maximum Powder feed rate: 9.3 cm3/min (14 RPM)
  • Maximum metal consumption rates
    • Aluminum 2.33 lbs/hr
    • Steel 6.78 lbs/hr
    • Magnesium 1.5 lbs/hr
    • Titanium 3.87 lbs/hr
  • * Increased capacities available upon request *


  • 480 VAC, 3 ph, 50 Amp or 100 Amp
  • Incoming power plug – Leviton 8164C

Gas Supply

  • Maximum input pressure: 3000 psi
  • Maximum system pressure: 1000 psi
  • Automatic pressure control
  • Uses Helium or Nitrogen Gas
  • Maximum Gas Flow Rate: 2500 SLPM
  • Ability to heat up with N2 and switch over to He
  • N2 Gas source- 2500 SLPM, 1250 psi minimum
  • He Gas source- 2500 SLPM, 1250 psi minimum
  • Fitting type and size: 3/8” Male JIC