VRC Metal Systems utilizes cold spray technology to provide protective coatings for a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications. By providing a portable cold spray system, we have revolutionized the way in which this process can be completed, allowing for fast, cost-effective restoration and repairs to be made to equipment that otherwise would need to be replaced.

Cold spray technology is an innovation set to transform industries across the globe. This cutting-edge process makes it possible to restore metal components that previously could only be replaced. The process involves depositing particles onto surfaces with spray technology. It can be used to apply metals, metal alloys, and metal blends and creates high-quality repairs that last for years. Increase your ROI using cold spray technology.​

What is Cold Spray?

Cold spray, also referred to as supersonic particle deposition, is a high-energy solid-state coating and powder consolidation process. Cold spray uses an electrically heated high-pressure carrier gas, like nitrogen or helium, to accelerate metal powders through a supersonic de Laval nozzle above a critical velocity for particle adhesion.  The bonding mechanism is a combination of mechanical interlocking and metallurgical bonding from re-crystallization at highly strained particle interfaces.

There are many benefits to using VRC Metal Systems cold spray products, including:

  • No heat-affected zone
  • No oxidation, alloy decomposition, or combustion product entrapment
  • High-strength coating
  • No limit on deposition thickness
  • No toxic fumes
  • Precise gas temperature control
  • Minimal masking requirement due to focused particle spray path
  • Hand operable

How Can Cold Spray be Used?

Cold spray can be used to deposit metals on sensitive or difficult-to-weld surfaces for never before possible combinations of unique materials.  Cold spray can also be used to repair damaged areas of a finished part, without causing additional problems like warping, cracking, or softening of the part.  Furthermore, properties approaching, or in some cases exceeding, the base material properties can now be achieved.  This opens the door for cold spray to be used on more than just cosmetic surface restoration, but loaded areas can be repaired, including rebuilding entire features on a part.

There are many industries that can benefit from cold spray applications, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Ships
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Heavy Industry
  • Automotive
  • Structural Corrosion Repair
  • Corrosion Resistant Coatings
  • Heat Exchangers
  • And many more…

VRC Metal Systems’ Services

Learn more about VRC Metal Systems’ comprehensive cold spray services, which include equipment leasing, system calibration and cold spray process development. Our knowledgeable team is also available to provide dependable off- and on-site support to ensure you receive the products and services you need every step of the way.

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