VRC Metal Systems offers calibration service that includes us sending a technician to your site to evaluate all Gen III components, rebuild the powder feeder, and replace the powder feeder hoses and other critical components if out of tolerance.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for a VRC Metal Systems representative to come out to your location and service your cold spray system.

System calibration is essential for ensuring that your cold spray unit is working at full capacity and efficiency, and should be carried out by experts familiar with the system. A calibration service involves an evaluation of all Gen III components and replacing and rebuilding critical elements such as power feeder hoses and the power feeder itself. The system will also need to be serviced to keep it in tip-top condition.​

On-Site Support

If your needs require a reliable, easy-to-use system but you lack cold spray experience, the best option may be on-site support, where we can arrange for a system and operators to be at your location as long as needed.

System Calibration

Enjoy the convenience of annual on-site calibration and powder feeder service of your cold spray system to ensure that it continues to operate properly and efficiently.

Cold Spray Process Development

VRC Metal Systems is proud to be at the forefront in cold spray technology, and we’re always ready to help develop the next ground-breaking cold spray application.

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