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Today’s shipping industry keeps people and products operating safely and efficiently across the globe.  Whether it’s ferrying passengers, transporting natural gas, defending our country, or conducting research, ships are vital to our nation.  

Shipyards are engaged in every point in the life cycle of a vessel. Whether building, performing repairs, or upgrading to state-of-the-art features, the sequence of work needed on a ship never ends.


Based on their classification, some ships may need to have a bottom survey as frequently as every two years. A surveyor assesses what defects need repairing while in dry dock. These inspections would look for:

  • Metal deterioration from harsh salt-water environments
  • Needed hull repairs
  • Propulsion repairs

Additional challenges occur when a vessel requires upgraded communications capabilities such as fiber optics or other complex alarm and monitoring systems.

how VRC can help

VRC Metal Systems can help with the right solution.  Here’s what we can offer:

We will reduce your time in dry dock with our portable and high-pressure cold spray equipment. Time-efficient metal repairs are possible when a damaged component does not have to be removed and brought to a separate repair facility. Reduced wait times improve your bottom line.

  1. Fast, cost-effective restoration and repairs happen with cold-spray technology. Often, cold spray allows for the restoration of a part that would otherwise need replacing. And repairing existing materials is usually a more cost-effective solution than replacing entire components.
  2. Cold spray can increase the corrosion resistance and lifespan of parts.  Our portable cold spray system allows you to repair damaged surfaces.  We can even assist with dimensional restorations.  
  3. Cold Spray is effective with the following metals:  
    1. Carbon Steel 
    2. Stainless Steel 
    3. Aluminum
    4. Brass, Bronze, and other Copper-based alloys
    5. Nickel-based alloys,
    6. Titanium
  4. Create dimensional restorations or added features.

Whether you need a new design feature or looking to add corrosion resistant coatings, the experienced staff at VRC Metal Systems can help you sort out the right solution and get you on your way.  Reach out and call an expert at VRC Metal Systems to discuss how your business can improve its bottom line with cold spray technology.  

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