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VRC Metal Systems is committed to providing the services you need to operate and maintain your cold spray system. Along with our other services, our service technicians can quickly troubleshoot and resolve your cold spray equipment or system issues.  We’ll provide you with expert tips and problem-solving solutions.


Not all metal restoration projects require a purchase of portable cold-spray equipment. VRC Metal Systems provides cold spray systems on a lease basis as well or even set you up with a solution provider. Leasing or letting us develop your repair with a service provider may be a more feasible approach for clients looking for quick implementation.

We also offer several different lease options, including a purchase option at the end of the lease. And we are always available to discuss what your best options are for your project. 

What if you don’t know how to use cold spray technology?  If your needs require a reliable, easy-to-use system but you lack cold spray experience, the best option may be on-site support, where we can arrange for a system and operators to be at your location as long as needed. 

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Call us to learn more about our leasing options and lease a cold spray system for your facility. Whether you lease or buy, VRC Metal Systems is committed to providing the support you need to get your project on track.  

VRC Metal Systems offers a calibration service that includes sending a technician to your site to evaluate all Gen III components.  We will rebuild the powder feeder and replace the powder feeder hoses and other critical components if out of tolerance.

Our service technicians are at your disposal for expert tips and troubleshooting advice.  We stand behind our commitment to provide full service for all our clients. 

Schedule an appointment for a VRC Metal Systems representative to come out to your location and service your cold spray system. Call us to discuss your leasing, purchasing, or designing needs.  We will help you find the best solution. 

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