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VRC Metal Systems mission statement is, “Provide innovative, reliable metals deposition and automation technologies and manufactured components to give our customers market-leading capabilities.” Finding new strategies, new technologies, to handle age-old problems is what we specialize in. 

Historically, when an engine breaks, it is either unrepairable or costly to repair. A cracked engine block or exhaust manifold can be the end of an engine without the technology that allows you to fix it in place. 

Our cold spray technology is changing the face of engine repair, making it an affordable option when nothing else seems to be going your way. 


New vehicles have had to change their engines for better emission control and improved efficiency. The Environmental Protection Agency has tightened up their requirements for better control of emissions. Some of these new designs, although efficient, may not allow for traditional repairs. And if you can repair it, you may not be able to afford it. 

Difficult repair jobs can require an extensive process that may involve heating the entire block to extreme temperatures and cooling slowly over several days to prevent distress in the metal due to variances in temperatures.

Remanufacturing engines can be cost-prohibitive using traditional techniques. The complexity of remanufacturing can limit options for small operations. Additive manufacturing and remanufacturing have opened the door to longer life-span of engines where before the doors were firmly closed.

how VRC can help

VRC’s cold spray technology does not require extreme heat in the remanufacturing example. There is no significant wait time for the engine block to cool. Wait time adds cost to the product, but trimming wait time improves your return on investment.

Costly and difficult procedures can be replaced with a portable and innovative system. Often the process can be done in place without extensive engine disassembly.

Engine remanufacturing using this innovative technique has made established methods seem archaic. VRC can help you decide what technique is best for you.

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