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VRC Metal Systems vision is “To be a global leader in cold spray and advanced manufacturing process technologies.” This includes helping our military in the Department of Defense. In fact, cold spray technology is a money-maker for the military.

The military has decommissioned many expensive pieces of equipment, vehicles, and aircraft due to extensive corrosion and costly repairs required.  The downtime alone is an expense that makes a reasonable return on investment inconceivable. With cold spray technology, otherwise known as supersonic particle deposition, they can repair their equipment with this minimally invasive procedure.


Keeping aircraft running properly, passing inspections, and maintaining an overall safety of flight mentality can be very costly. When repairing parts results in higher costs than buying new, it’s time to rethink your options. 

The actual cost to repair a broken part is only part of the expense. The downtime alone can push the expense outside of your acceptable budget range.

Safety of flight is a critical aspect to consider in the aerospace industry, and there are limited repair technologies with a proven track record of effectiveness.

how VRC can help

Cold spray technology is a cost-effective technology to help overcome some of the challenges encountered by aerospace companies. With no heating of the parts required and no chemicals used, the net result is a “green” process with minimal emissions and no toxic fumes.

With cold spray technology, there is no distortion of the metal as there is in welding. And a nice side benefit of not welding is no oxidation and no heat affected zone in the materials. You don’t even have to mask off the area. 

Many times, removing the part in need of repair, and replacing it after repair, can be as time-consuming as the repair job itself.  VRC Metal System’s cold-spray process can allow a part to remain in place, saving costly hours of downtime with all the downtime hours spend on the actual repair instead of non-value-added activities.

With VRC Metal Systems, a part can often be repaired without removing and replacing it. The repair has minimal emissions or toxic fumes that impact the environment or the health of the workers. The repaired part is can in some cases even be better than new by using a superior material to repair a sensitive substrate and at a fraction of the cost. Why look any further for a solution? Call VRC Metal Systems today to discover how cold spray technologies can support your business.

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