ASM Thermal Spray Management Certificate Training

These courses are offered through ASM and complete their certificate program for thermal spray management.
Each course can be offered at our facility which provides the additional opportunity to tour the cold spray lab and manufacturing capabilities of VRC Metal Systems.

Overview: Introduction to Thermal Spray (Outline)
Thermal Spray Safety (Outline)
Thermal Spray for Oil and Gas (Outline)
Thermal Spray Technologies (Outline)

VRC Cold Spray Training Class

We have also developed our own cold spray training module. The 2-day course includes one full day of cold spray specific training, with a full day of hands on training for cold spray. This class is suitable for anyone interested in a thorough explanation of the technology, from technicians to engineers or managers.

To learn more about these courses, please visit the contact us page and send us an email or give us a call.

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At VRC and SDSMT, 16 attendees participated in the September 2015 training to obtain the ASM thermal spray management certificate.