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Cold Spray Less Cumbersome For Large Equipment Repairs

Large, heavy-duty equipment is a significant investment for many companies. When a large machine is out-of-order it is not generating revenue so repairs need to happen quickly without delays or further injury to the equipment. Repairs should consider a few things, including the materials required, the parts needing work, and the reliability of the repair. 

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Hot Jobs In Cold Spray Technology

Since moving to Box Elder, South Dakota, VRC Metal Systems has tripled our facility size and added over twenty new jobs. That’s significant growth for a small business – and we’re not stopping there! We plan on getting to 100 employees soon.

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ROI of Cold Spray Technology

Are you trying to decide whether or not to invest in cold spray technology? Maybe you are already sold on

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Metal Repair and other Shipyard Activities

The shipbuilding industry’s goal is to keep people and products moving safely across our lakes and seas. Read on to learn more about the different activities involved in building, repairing, and modernizing today’s ocean-going vessels.