Aluminum 6061

A pair of eyes peering through a rusted through piece of metal
Above: B1 Bomber with Operational Panel highlighted

Above: B1 Bomber Panel prior to being repaired with Cold Spray

Above: B1 Bomber Operational Panel being Cold Sprayed

A highly versatile medium-strength aluminum alloy with higher corrosion resistance than Al7075, Al7050, and Al2024. Suitable for repair of cast and wrought aluminum alloys, especially where a combination of good strength and high corrosion resistance is desired. Can be deposited both by hand spray and robot spray. When using helium process gas the resulting deposits have reached wrought spec. for Al6061.

Above: Left-Corroded Weld-Joints
Above: Right- Corroded pipe joint


Part Number – NZZL0071
PBI 1.75-5 x 170mm

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